iMovie, Quicktime Pro,, Tutorials

FYI, you can use iMovie for your rough cuts. Many folks in the industry use it, as it is FAST & easy to use.

Quicktime Pro is another software program to try… Or AfterEffects (slower w render time, then playback to see your final version). Also with Photoshop you can make .gifs sequentially to make an ‘animatic’ i.e. ‘still frames’ in sequence to see how things might work.

But thanks for letting me know about Final Cut (as they say in the industry- ‘no surprises’). Better to use the OLD i.e. LAST YEAR’s Version, Final Cut Express. Ask Loris or Rich (design techs) to help you.

Best to produce something ‘by any means necessary’, eh? Deadlines are deadlines in the field- if not met, 3 strikes and you’re out…

Good luck,

PS I posted on the class blog, tutorials for Final Cut, & there are E-versions online & (used widely in motion graphics) or Creative, accessible through the York U.

About Catherine Jo Ishino

Sessional Instructor | York University | Design Department | Toronto Canada Other: Video Oral Historian | Design Writer | Memorist
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