Creative Brief

For making proposals to clients, backers or other funding sources- to include

1. Title

2. Overview

3. Goals & Objectives
A. Who’s the client?
B. What do they want this project to accomplish?

4. Audience Study
A. Who are they?
B. What are their needs/expectations?
C. What message do you want to convey for your selected audience?

5. Content: video, audio, text, images, etc
A. Description
B. List of categories & subcategories

6. Attribution: Content Sources
A. Where did you acquire content- video, audio, text, images, etc?
B. Outsourced or . produce yourself?
C. Use existing sources? Where did they exist? What format?

7. Delivery Environment
A. Technical & functional requirements for project’s proper functionality
B. Drawing or photo of project in place

8. Production Tools
A. Hardware & Software

9. Planning
A. Weekly Schedule

10. Research sources
A. References- books, journals,articles, online

11. Visual Narrative in digital hard copy DVD & Class Blog
A. Storyboards
B. Scripts

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