Project 1: Narrative Rubric

Project 1: Narrative with Time, Motion, Sound & Editing= 25 points*

1. Creative Brief/ Thumbnails= 5 pts
A. Clarity of Brief
B. Exploration of Narrative Approaches
C. Concept
D. Ideation
E. Narrative quality

2. Roughs= 5 pts
A. Deep Structure
B. Use of Line & Body Language
C. Framing & Composition
D. Depth: X, Y, Z axis
E. Drawing/comprehension

3. Comps= 5pts
A. Continuity of motion vectors
B. Continuity of design vectors
C. Depth: X, Y, Z axis
D. Timing of shots
E. Indication of sounds

4. Finish= 5 pts
A. Conceptualization: idea, structure
B. Key Moments: establish shots, scenes or actions
C. Flow & transitions: order, sequence, continuity
D. Composition & color: layouts, perspective, point-of-view, white balance
E. Sound: natural sound, music, sound perspective

5. DVD/Presentation= 5 pts
A. Clarity of interaction
B. Inclusion of thumbs, roughs, comps
C. Design brief
D. Clear presentation
E. Comprehensiveness of talk

* NOTE: Have already graded 1-3.
Will use this Rubric for NEXT 2 Projects only (as deadlines have passed for this Project 1)

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