DVDs: General Feedback

Posted on March 9, 2012
As you are building your Time-Based Communications student portfolio,
according to Heller’s ‘Becoming a Graphic Designer’ book,
follow ‘professional practices’ of the motion design industry,
& make sure you do the following:

1) DVD must play back on ANY computer- .mov, .avi, .mp4 – i.e. use ‘universal’ formats
A) Test BEFORE you hand in
B) OPEN once to set proper TIME ZONE
C) Compress ALL file sizes- jpegs, PDFs, movs- to be opened FAST & not wait

2) Include thumbs, roughs, comps & finish on DVD
A) Pencil sketches must be viewed readily (go over w black marker, if need be)
B) Identify each clearly

3) Clearly label DVDs on the disc itself
A) Label ‘folders’ or ‘chapters’ clearly within DVD
B) Label OUTSIDE of DVD case with title, name, copyright & year

4) Design Brief should be the FIRST thing to open on DVD
A) INCLUDE as PDF (NOT word processing documents), again use ‘universal’ format
B) Identify Brief clearly in DVD contents

5) If submitting as ‘leave-behind’ then include hard copy OF ‘Design Brief’ & list main categories of DVD’s contents

BOTTOM LINE: Make your work ACCESSIBLE & easy for your FUTURE employer or client to use :)

For more info:


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