Project 2: Explanatory= 25%

30 second explanatory video piece that is informative about an issue of interest to you & potentially to your classroom peers

Explanatory as in informative or providing useful or interesting information

Weeks 5-10
5. Thumbnails, Ideation
6. Project Definition & Research, Further Development of Initial Thumbnails
7. Creative Brief (100-150 Word abstract of Project) | Roughs
9. Explanatory Further Developed | Comps
10. Project 1- All Finishes: on paper, digital formats on Class Blog | DVD
A. Creative Brief: Abstract of Project- 100-150 words
B. Explanation: Topic/Title
C. Storyboards: thumbs, roughs, comps
D. 30 sec digital video: edited with sound, imagery, etc.

Project 2: Explanatory

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